Second Generation 3D Pen - 3D Arts Printer (CE FC RoHS)

This 3D Art pen compatible with ABS and PLA filaments. It has CE FC RoHS certificates. It can work with high temperature so easy to work with. Melting temperatures: ABS filaments: 230C and PLA filaments 170C Compatible with both!

More details


1.Extrusion Mode : Fused Deposition Modeling / Melting
2.Formation: 3D
3.Drawing Margin;None
4.Width of extrusion: Manual
5.Material used :ABS PLA
6.Diameter of materail :1.75mm
7.Speed Of extrusion: adjustable
8.Nozzle Hole size : 0.7mm
9.Theological extrusion quantity : 0.076-0.86 square minute . Adjustable
10.Melting temp of material : ABS-230C PLA-170C
11.Adapter current: 100/250V 3A
12.Pen electric spec: DC 12V 2A 24w
13.The DC head diameter: 5.5mm*2.5mm
14.Pen size: 184mm*31mm*46mm
15.Net weight :62g±5g
16.Package weight : 420g
17.Package dimension ;22*17*7cm

The product packing list:
1.3d pen
2.12V3A power adapter
3.Manual (in English )
4.1 piece 3D printer Pen with 20 colours ABS Filament 1.75mm