Huawei E5771h-937 4G LTE Router

Huawei E5771 is a new 4G mobile hotspot which could achieve high-speed 4G connection. The E5771 LTE MiFi is upgraded from Huawei E5730 3G hotspot, they have the similar function to work as a mobile power bank.

Check the submodels: Huawei E5771s-852, E5771h-937, E5771s-856 etc.. Huawei E5771 has the power capacity of 9600mAh, which can make E5771 keep working for around 38 hours.

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  • Huawei E5771s-852
  • Huawei E5771s-856
  • Huawei E5771s-937

Huawei E5771 (4G WiFi Plus) Technical Specifications:

* LTE Category 4

Huawei E5771s-852 supported 4G/3G frequency bands:

- TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40 (2300MHz~2370MHz);

- TD-SCDMA: B34/B39

Huawei E5771h-937 supported frequency bands:

- TDD-LTE: B38/B39/B40/41 (2300MHz~2370MHz);

- FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B19/B8

- 3G WCDMA/UMTS B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8

Huawei E5771s-856 supported frequency bands:

- TDD-LTE: B40(2300MHz~2370MHz)/B41(2555MHz~2655MHz)

- FDD-LTE: B1/B3/B8 (900/1800/2100MHz)

- 3G WCDMA/UMTS B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8

* WLAN: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz, WiFi peak speed to 300Mbps

* Support LTE/3G/WiFi network connection

* WLAN encryption: WPAS-PSK, WPA/WPA2-PSK

* Support up to 10 devices to access the internet simultaneously

* APN management(create/delete/edit)

* Network option: 4G LTE only, 3G only, Auto

* RAM: 128MB NAND Flash, 128MB DDR SDRAM

* Support SMS, Firewall, LAN IP filter, ACL, DMZ, UPnp

* Support CONE NAT, Symmetric NAT, ALG

* Support DHCP, DHCP Server

* Software: Plug and play, auto installation

* Power: 4W, DC 5V/2A

* Indicators: Signal and power

* Battery: 3V, capacity of 9600mAh

* SIM card: standard 6 PIN SIM

* Antenna: internal LTE/TD-SCDMA antenna and WLAN antenna

* Dimensions: 116.69mm x 73.45mm x 23.38mm

* Weight: 235g (including battery)

* Support Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1(excluding Windows RT), 10, Mac OS X 10.7 or later version