1. When will it arrive?

Small orders (e.g. under $299) usually will ship by China-Post. If you order more than $300, you get free shipping with DHL. Estimated delivery time 9-39 days for regular shipping. But if you are a wholesale customer, you can contact us for faster shipping like DHL, so it will take 4-5 days to arrive (Check estimated delivery with DHL https://ratequote.dhl-usa.com/) This way it will be much faster.

2. How much does the shipping cost?

Free shipping over $10

3. Do I need to pay customs tax?

If you are ordering a small amount, probably you don't have to pay customs tax. We will declare the package as a “gift” or “sample” with a lower value.

4. How about local taxes and customs duty for high-volume wholesale order?

We'll try our best to help our clients by avoiding customs taxes. We are in business for more than eight years. This means we have a pretty good idea what to do so you don't pay customs tax or you pay much less. To ensure you receive your order tax less or free upon import, we will declare it as a “gift” or “sample” with a lower value. This lower price does not reflect the total price you paid or the market value of the product and may not apply to countries with different tariff rules. If need to using the actual value, or any other requests, please write down the information on the “Notes” while you are completing the order. The buyer or recipient is responsible for all customs taxes and duties of the package.

5. Is there any extra charge from you?

We would not charge an extra fee.

6. What is my tracking number?

Go to homepage => Sign In => Order History & Details

7. I have more questions, what should I do?

You can always check our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more answers or contact us!